Join the Mobile Clinic in celebrating 10 years of service!
The Mobile Clinic — Past, Present and Future

The Mobile Clinic is an interdisciplinary health sciences student organization founded to provide free health screening, prevention, education and basic health services to under served populations in and around Iowa City. Located on this site is information on clinic dates, health care resources located throughout eastern Iowa, and instructions on how to volunteer with The University of Iowa Mobile Clinic.

The Mobile Clinic Mission:

Healthcare is a universal human right. Many people in our community are currently denied this right. The Mobile Clinic was founded to:

▪ Provide free health screening, prevention, education, and basic health services to underserved populations in and around Iowa City.
▪ Utilize interdisciplinary potential from the allied health sciences at the University of Iowa.
▪ Raise awareness of existing health resources in the community.
▪ Connect people in the communities served by these resources.
▪ Partner with these communities to assess their changing needs and adapt our services to reflect these changes.
▪ Advocate for patients both in clinics and the larger social arena

2016 Upcoming Clinic Dates:

  • February 13: Street Med
  • February 20: Columbus Junction
  • February 21: West Liberty
  • February 25: Broadway
  • March 12: Street Med
  • March 24: Broadway
  • March 27: West Liberty
  • April 2: Columbus Junction
  • April 9: Street Med
  • April 10: St. Pats
  • April 17: West Liberty
  • April 21: Broadway
  • May 14: Street Med

**For information on clinic site locations, please see our clinic descriptions.