Clinic Sites

The Mobile Clinic holds clinics at five sites during the academic year. Clinics are held roughly once a month at most sites, while other sites have clinics on alternating months.

Columbus Junction

Columbus Junction is a community approximately 45 minutes southeast of Iowa City and the University of Iowa. This community is a mix of traditional rural Iowa and new immigrants from Latin America, who moved to the area to find work in the factories near Columbus Junction. Our services at this site include diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol screening, health education, and physical exams for children and adults. We visit Columbus Junction at least once a month, and have our clinics on Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm at Columbus Junction Senior Center, 125 E. Walnut St, Columbus Junction, Iowa.


Information to come!

Saint Patrick Church

The Mobile Clinic site at Saint Patrick Church (4330 St Patrick’s Dr, Iowa City, IA 52240) is our newest clinic. The target population are the parishioners that attend the noon mass on Sundays, although the clinic will also serve the general public as well. The noon mass is given in Spanish, and as such, this clinic serves a mostly Hispanic population. The first clinic will be held on Sunday, October 14, 2012 from 1:00 to 3:30 PM. Services offered will include diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol screening, health education sessions, administration of physical exams, and physical therapy sessions. Physicians and student patient examiners will be available to see adult and pediatric patients with any acute or chronic concerns. Social workers will also be availabe to discuss resources in the community.

Street Medicine

Street Medicine takes place in Iowa City (1105 Gilbert Court, Iowa City) during the Free Lunch Program. These clinics occur on Saturdays during the lunch hour. The homeless population of Iowa City is served by this clinic. Services currently offered at this clinic include diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol screening, as well as health education sessions on specific topics. Johnson County Public Health also sends a representative each month to do free HIV/HepC screening tests.

West Liberty

Our West Liberty Clinic is held at the West Liberty Middle School (203 E 7th St, West Liberty, IA). This clinic occurs on various Sundays from 1-3:30 PM, serving the mostly Hispanic population here. Services currently offered at this clinic include diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol screening, as well as health education sessions on specific topics. There is a focus on mental health at this clinic as well, as this was a need identified by prospective patients as this clinic was being formed.

Summer Clinics

During the summer, the University of Iowa Mobile Clinic teams up with Proteus and the Emma Goldman Clinic to bring health care to migrant farm workers who come to Iowa each year. Clinics are held at several migrant camps, including two camps south of Williamsburg and another camp near the town of Conesville in southeastern Iowa. Proteus exclusively treats and advocates for migrant farm workers throughout eastern and central Iowa. The Emma Goldman Clinic provides gynecological exams and women’s health education to the migrant workers in two sessions between the months of June and August. Mobile Clinic has teamed up with Proteus for several years now for two or three clinics, plus helping transporting patients to and from the Emma Goldman Clinic for the women’s health sessions.