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Doc Dash 4/20/2024

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Professional Excellence

in free health screening, prevention, education, and basic health services to under served populations.

Dan Runde

The Mobile Clinic Mission

Healthcare is a universal human right. Many people in our community are currently denied this right. The Mobile Clinic was founded to:

▪ Provide free health screening, prevention, education, and  basic health services to underserved populations in and around Iowa City.
▪ Utilize interdisciplinary potential from the allied health sciences at the University of Iowa.
▪ Raise awareness of existing health resources in the community.
▪ Connect people in the communities served by these resources.
▪ Partner with these communities to assess their changing needs and adapt our services to reflect these changes.
▪ Advocate for patients both in clinics and the larger social arena

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Please Note: UI Mobile Clinic is unable to handle individual patient health concerns over the Internet, by phone, or via e-mail.


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