Executive Board

The Mobile Clinic Executive Board is responsible for discussions regarding clinic operations, including obtaining funding for sustaining the clinic, picking coordinators to run clinics at our sites, and making decisions on volunteer involvement in the clinic process. The board is chosen each year from a pool of candidates from the different colleges throughout the University of Iowa. Current and past board members have come from the Colleges of Medicine, Public Health, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Nursing, Dentistry, and Pharmacy.

There are many ways to get involved with the Mobile Clinic Executive Board!


Medical Director: Denise Martinez: denise-martinez@uiowa.edu

Medical Director: Dan Runde: dan-runde@uiowa.edu

Faculty Advisor: Jeanine Abrons: jeanine-abrons@uiowa.edu

Finance Advisor: Chris Roling: chris-roling@uiowa.edu


Orientation and Continuity Chair: Patrick Brau (patrick-brau@uiowa.edu) – This position is held by someone who has already been on the board for at least one year and is responsible for organizing board member applications, volunteer applications, orientation sessions, board member meetings, and helping the Mobile Clinic board develop long term strategies for improvement.

Marketing Executive Chair: Summer Slininger (summer-slininger@uiowa.edu)

Clinic Operations Executive Chair: Tony Mai (anthony-mai@uiowa.edu)

Clinic Services Executive Chair: Zach Delanoit (zach-delanoit@uiowa.edu)




EMR, list-serve, and Website Coordinators: Samantha Moore (samantha-moore-1@uiowa.edu) & Tasnia Iqbal (tasnia-iqbal@uiowa.edu) – This position is responsible for maintaining our Practice Fusion site, updating the Mobile Clinic list serve, updating the Mobile Clinic Website, and innovating to improve our use of the current EMR, or changing the program that we use.

Education Coordinator: Hemali Batra (hemali-batra@uiowa.edu) – This position is responsible for creating the curriculum for training clinic health educators, as well as scheduling training sessions to create a pool of health educators for our clinics.  Previous health education topics covered at education sessions have included glucose and cholesterol screening, sun health, and injuries.  This position is also in charge of maintaining health education materials in the Mobile Clinic office. ***This position may be used as an activity in the CCOM Teaching Distinction Track.

Interpreting & Diversity Coordinator: Sraavya Akella (sraavya-akella@uiowa.edu) – This position is responsible for organizing training and education for clinic interpreting, finding interpreters for clinics, and maintaining a list of interpreters for use at special events. They are also responsible for training all members of Mobile Clinic in cultural competency and ensuring our clinics maintain cultural sensitivity. This position can be combined with the summer clinics coordinator.

Laboratory, Vaccination, and Office Coordinator: Kaylie Barnett (kaylie-barnett@uiowa.edu) – This position is responsible for ordering supplies and vaccines to maintain the Mobile Clinic inventory, setting up laboratory training sessions, and organizing the Mobile Clinic office.  This position will work closely with Clinic Coordinators to ensure that clinics are stocked and with Finance and Fundraising to maintain the Mobile Clinic budget.


Clinic Liaisons – Liaisons are responsible for maintaining good relationships with our contacts at each clinic site, setting up clinic dates, ensuring volunteers are available, emailing volunteers with clinic information, coordinating clinics throughout the year, presenting clinic data at board meetings, and implementing changes in the clinics as necessary.

      • Columbus Junction Liaison –This position works with contacts in the Columbus Junction School District. The patient population is mainly Hispanic and Spanish-speaking liaisons are preferred. Clinics are on Saturday mornings. Contact: Victoria Medoza & Jim Kacer (victoria-mendoza@uiowa.edu, james-kacer@uiowa.edu)
      • West Liberty Liaison- This position works with contacts in West Liberty School District. The patient population is mainly Hispanic and Spanish-speaking liaisons are preferred. Clinics are on Saturday mornings. Contact: Anthony Rauschenbach & Mikaela Mikkelsen (anthony-rauschenbach@uiowa.edu, mikaela-mikkelsen@uiowa.edu)
      • Shelter House & Street Medicine Liaison- This position works in conjunction with the Free Lunch Program to provide clinics on Saturday mornings. This position works with undergrad liaisons to organize the winter clothing and supplies drive. Contact: Angeline Vanle & Tarun Kadaru (angeline-vanle@uiowa.edu, tarun-kadaru@uiowa.edu)
      • St Patrick’s Liaison- This position works with St. Patrick’s church to hold clinics and health education sessions throughout the year on Sunday afternoons after the Spanish mass. Spanish speaking liaisons are preferred. Contact: Raven Saunders-Duckett & Nicholas Wilson (raven-saunders-duckett@uiowa.edu, nicholas-wilson@uiowa.edu)
      • Broadway Clinic Liaison- This position works with contacts at Broadway to schedule clinics, create educational sessions, and address concerns that arise during clinics.  Clinics are held on Thursday evenings.  The patient population is largely French-speaking. Contact: Summer Slininger, Ahmed Abdelgadir, & Joyce Wahba (summer-slininger@uiowa.edu, ahmed-abdelgadir@uiowa.edu, joyce-wahba@uiowa.edu)
      • Summer Clinics Liaison – This position is directly responsible for working with Proteus Migrant Health Service and the Emma Goldman Clinic to set up migrant farm worker clinics while the populations are here during the summer months.  This position requires that this person be in eastern Iowa the entire summer and Spanish-speaking liaisons are preferred. The Interpreting/Diversity coordinator is encouraged to also be the summer clinics liaison if available all year. Contact: Anne Nora (anne-nora@uiowa.edu)



Physician Recruitment and Scheduling Chair: Nayasha Madhan & Connor Richardson (nayasha-madhan@uiowa.edu, connor-richardson@uiowa.edu) – This position is responsible for recruiting UIHC physicians to volunteer at clinics, establishing clinic dates for the semester with the clinic coordinators, making the volunteer sign up documents, and emailing volunteers when clinic spots are available. This position is available for third and fourth year medical students.

Pharmacy Liaison: –This position is responsible for communicating Mobile Clinic opportunities to pharmacy students, coming up with ways to get pharmacy students more involved in the clinics, and recruiting pharmacy volunteers. It must be held by a current pharmacy student. Contact: Mona Alsheikh (mona-alsheikh@uiowa.edu)

Physical Therapy Liaison:  – This position is responsible for communicating Mobile Clinic opportunities to PT students, coming up with ways to get PT students more involved in the clinics, working with clinic coordinators when PT will be offered at clinics, and recruiting PT volunteers. It must be held by a current physical therapy student. Contact: Alex Ferrer (alex-ferrer@uiowa.edu)

Nursing Liaison – This position is elected by nursing students in a separate process and help get nursing students involved, helps with flu shots and coordinates Dance Marathon first aid. Contact: Katie Wick (katie-wick@uiowa.edu)

Dental Liaison – This position is responsible for coordinating and communicating Mobile Clinic opportunities for Dental students, as well as recruiting Dental students to Mobile Clinic. Contact: Lydia Rodriguez (lydia-rodriguez@uiowa.edu)

Undergraduate Liaison- This position is responsible for coordinating undergraduate student involvement in Mobile Clinic, including organizing the undergrad application process, tracking volunteer hours, and running fundraisers, including the winter clothing drive and the spring carnival. Current undergrad students who have completed their initial volunteer hours are eligible and MAPS/Medicus members are preferred. Contact: Morgan Shaffer & Carolyn Lo (morgan-shaffer@uiowa.edu, carolyn-lo@uiowa.edu)

Grant Writing Coordinator- Contact: Guillermo Romano Ibarra (guillermo-romanoibarra@uiowa.edu)



Public Relations: Amani Alli (amani-alli@uiowa.edu)– This position will work closely with Finance and Fundraising to help create fundraising events and with the Site Liaisons to help advertise upcoming clinics.  The overall goal of this position is to make Mobile Clinic better known throughout the community.

Finance and Fundraising Chair: Tammy Tran (tammy-tran@uiowa.edu) – This position works closely with the Mobile Clinic staff advisor to apply for applicable grants and make a yearly budget, and works with the undergraduate liaisons to organize fundraising events.They head the grant writing subcommittee.

Members are appointed in January. If interested please contact us