Executive Board

The Mobile Clinic Executive Board is responsible for discussions regarding clinic operations, including obtaining funding for sustaining the clinic, picking coordinators to run clinics at our sites, and making decisions on volunteer involvement in the clinic process. The board is chosen each year from a pool of candidates from the different colleges throughout the University of Iowa. Current and past board members have come from the Colleges of Medicine, Public Health, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Nursing, Dentistry, and Pharmacy.

There are many ways to get involved with the Mobile Clinic Executive Board!


Medical Director: Denise Martinez

Medical Director: Dan Runde

Faculty Advisor: Jeanine Abrons

Finance Advisor: Chris Roling


Relations Chair: Joyce Wahba 

Marketing Executive Chair: Summer Slininger 

Clinic Operations Executive Chair: Tony Mai 

Clinic Services Executive Chair: Kaylie Barnett


EMR Coordinator: Mahek Shahid 

Education Coordinators: Avanthi Ajjarapu & Katie Marcus

Interpreting & Diversity Coordinator: Anthony Rauschenbach

Laboratory & Clinic Supplies Coordinator: Alec James


Clinic Liaisons – Liaisons are responsible for maintaining good relationships with our contacts at each clinic site, setting up clinic dates, ensuring volunteers are available, emailing volunteers with clinic information, coordinating clinics throughout the year, presenting clinic data at board meetings, and implementing changes in the clinics as necessary.

      • Columbus Junction Liaison –This position works with contacts in the Columbus Junction School District. The patient population is mainly Hispanic and Spanish-speaking liaisons are preferred. Clinics are on Saturday mornings. Contact: Victoria Medoza, Caleb Fredrickson, & Maya Altemeir
      • Inside Out Reentry – This positions works with contacts within the Inside Out Reentry program here in Iowa City. Contact: Summer Slininger & Zoe Hildreth
      • West Liberty Liaison- This position works with contacts in West Liberty School District. The patient population is mainly Hispanic and Spanish-speaking liaisons are preferred. Contact: Cindy Puga, Andrea Arthofer, & Mikaela Mikkelsen 
      • Shelter House & Street Medicine Liaison- This position works in conjunction with the Free Lunch Program to provide clinics on Saturday mornings. Contact: Angeline Vanle & Tarun Kadaru 
      • St Patrick’s Liaison- This position works with St. Patrick’s church to hold clinics and health education sessions throughout the year on Sunday afternoons after the Spanish mass. Spanish speaking liaisons are preferred. Contact: Raven Saunders-Duckett, Velarchana Santhana, & Kristen Halstead
      • Summer Clinics Liaison – This position is directly responsible for working with Proteus Migrant Health Service to set up migrant farm worker clinics while the populations are here during the summer months. This position requires that this person be in eastern Iowa the entire summer and Spanish-speaking liaisons are preferred. Contact: Jenna Mullins


Provider Recruiters: Deepon Sarkar & Mackenzie Conlon

Pharmacy Liaison: Sara El-Hattab

Physical Therapy Liaison:  Kyle Hulshizer

Nursing Liaison: Alexa Atkins & Kaci Cox

Dental Liaison: Lydia Rodriguez 


Public Relations Coordinator: Anna Zhang

Community Outreach Coordinator: Hailey Saunders

Finance Coordinator: Tammy Tran 

Undergraduate Liaisons: Morgan Shaffer & Carolyn Lo 

Grant Writing Coordinator: Guillermo Romano Ibarra 


Members are appointed in January. If interested please contact us