Mobile Clinic

Free Mental Health Clinic

The Free Mental Health Clinic (FMHC) is a mental health clinic run by volunteer medical and pharmacy students and staff psychiatrists from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Clinic is held approximately every other Saturday morning with patient appointments scheduled at 9AM and 10AM. FMHC does not offer counseling or therapy services.

All appointments are made through the clinic email at Only a limited number of appointments are available at each clinic, and they tend to fill up rapidly, so individuals considering use of the clinic’s services are encouraged to contact FMHC as early as possible.

Mobile Clinic Services

Mobile Clinic provides various services at each clinic site. Health sciences students educated to preform these roles facilitate the clinics with practitioner oversight.

The most common services that are offered on a regular basis include:

  • Blood glucose testing: HbA1c (diabetes)
  • Blood pressure and vitals screening
  • Cholesterol screenings
  • Health educations
  • Physician services (sports physicals, acute care visits, etc.)
Specialty services: 
  • Influenza vaccinations: child and adult
  • COVID-19 vaccinations
  • HIV & Hepatitis C testing
  • Dental services
  • Social Work Assessments
  • Physical therapy services
    • Offering free musculoskeletal evaluations that focus on treating neck, back, shoulder and other sports or work related injuries.
  • ReSpectacle
    • Distribution of quality eyeglasses

If you know of a clinical service that we are not currently providing that could aid your community, please contact us.