Volunteer at the Mobile Clinic

Mobile Clinic is interested in volunteers from many areas, including, but not limited to, dentistry, public health, social work, medicine, pharmacy, undergraduates, and Spanish and Arabic speakers.

In addition to volunteering at the clinics, volunteers are expected to assist with the administration of the clinic by serving on a project.

Other expectations include the following:

  1. Attend the new volunteer orientation the semester your application is accepted
  2. Attend all required Mobile Clinic meetings
  3. Serve on a committee and contribute approximately 4 hours of work on this project each month
  4. Volunteer with at least 2 clinics per semester.

Clinics are typically open to patients for 4 hours, and volunteers should expect to spend 6-7 hours on average on the day of the clinic.

For a description of various volunteer positions please click here.

If you are interested in volunteering for Mobile Clinic as a student, please email mobileclinic.ui@gmail.com