Interested in volunteering?

Mobile Clinic is interested in volunteers from many areas, including, but not limited to dentistry, public health, social work, medicine, pharmacy, undergraduates, and Spanish and Arabic speakers

If you are interested in volunteering for Mobile Clinic as a student, please visit https://sites.google.com/view/uiowa-mobile-clinic/

Volunteer Roles

General Volunteers

EMR Expert (any student, training required):

  • Electronic medical record expert in charge of registration


  • Requires fluency in Arabic, Spanish, or French

  • Translate for patients throughout clinic and with physician

Vitals (any student):

  • Takes height, weight, blood pressure, respirations, and temperature

Labs(any student, training required):

  • Checks Hemoglobin A1C and cholesterol 

 Patient educator(any student, training required):

  • Educate patients about their vitals and labs utilizing motivational interviewing

 HIV/HCV Testing(any student, training required):

  • Provide testing to patients
Scribe (any student):


  • Assist history takers with clinical notes during clinic visits
Patient Advocate (any student):


  • Guide patients through clinic and assist clinic coordinators with tasks

Graduate Students

History Taker (EMR trained) (Medical/PA/DNP Students only):

  • Interviews patients and presents to provider

Examiner (3rd/4th year Medical/PA/DNP Students only).

  • Examines patients and presents to provider

Medication History Taker(Pharmacy Students only):

  • Taking pharmaceutical history of each patient seen by the team

Dental students:

  • Oral assessments
  • Oral health education
  • Referrals to dental school clinics

Social Work students:

  • Referrals to community resources and insurance information
Physical Therapy students:
  • Physical therapy assessments